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lido, seaside resort, natural bathing place

bathing fun ...

Immerse your head, do your favourite water sports, lick an ice, while your legs beat light waves in the water and the setting sun is reflected in all its colourful splendour on the smooth surface.

Countless possibilities

1 card for

- 40 free holiday attractions

- up to 40 % reduction on 15 bonus experiences

Savings approx. 300 Euro per family holiday week

Where can I get the MIC? In the 235 MIC member companies (with MIC logo on the portal and in the host directory Millstätter See), you receive the card automatically and completely free of charge! The card, which is not for sale, will be handed over to you with the room key upon your arrival. We wish you much pleasure and are at your disposal with tips and information. All MIC services

The 1st "Kärnten Badehaus" at the Lake in detail