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Rucksack, climbing skins and touring binding are ready. And then it starts: in untouched nature, under a bright blue sky and with the glitter of ice crystals as far as the eye can see. Ski touring paradise Carinthia - what a pleasure!

Austria's first online bookable ski crossing: "Nockberge-Trail in Kärnten".

The Nockberge-Trail crosses the Carinthian Nockberge on four daily stages and connects the Carinthian ski resorts Katschberg, Innerkrems, Turracher Höhe, Falkert and Bad Kleinkirchheim.Book Trail - Info Hotline


5 rules for responsible snowshoeing or ski touring:

  • Where available, stay on marked tours; be sure to follow signs as well as protected and restricted areas.
  • Respect for wild animals: avoid feeding areas and retreat immediately and calmly if a wild animal is sighted.
  • Avoid young tree crops (under three metres), the ski edges can cause great damage to the trees.
  • Do not leave litter behind.
  • Avoid noise.

Selection of ski tours in Carinthia

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Safety on ski tours

As with everything one experiences in the alpine region, one must also observe certain irrevocable rules when going skiing. This is about one's own safety, but also about that of all other people who are in the immediate vicinity and who could be put at risk by one's own negligent behaviour. Thus, if one keeps the following rules, keeps a cool head and acts foresighted, then nothing stands in the way of a nice tour experience.

  • Pay attention to the avalanche warning level and talk to locals about their assessment of the dangers.
  • Plan your tour according to the avalanche danger and weather forecast. Often it is the best decision to stay at home and wait for better conditions.
  • NEVER walk (not even with a low avalanche warning level) without the appropriate equipment (avalanche transceivershovel, probe, mobile phone with battery) into the terrain. This applies to all group members. Athletes who do not have the appropriate equipment must stay in the valley.
  • Checking the avalanche transceiver before starting the tour is vital.
  • Relieve the strain on steep slopes even when climbing up (leave a distance of 10 m between the ski tour hikers).
  • Always drive alone on steep slopes, up to 35 degrees the distance between the hikers should be at least 30 meters. Hangs can at least be relieved a little.
  • At warning level 3, slopes with a slope of 35 degrees or more must be avoided at all costs.
  • Choose the right time to ascend. Sunshine, weather changes, sunset have to be considered before you start.


Our TIP:

You can easily learn how to use an avalanche transceiver (LVS) on your own course at the Goldeck.