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Our goals

We have ten years to achieve our goals and create successful projects. Together - with residents and guests - we strive for a valuable and exciting living space in nature, the economy, for culture and leisure. "By 2024 we will be able to step out of arbitrariness and make existing resources in the region even more livable and lovable."

Experience art at the lake

The pier

The first project in the bay of Seeboden to be attractively designed is a place for wonderful pictures directly on the lake.

"Lodge seats right by the lake."
Hiking starting places

Hiking trails make it possible to experience our unique natural landscape. The hiking starting points help you to find your way around and point out special features. Seeboden is accessible by foot.

"Guide and show"

Own rose

With the christening of its own rose, Seeboden now also has a special place in the plant world. We could win our Seebodner hosts as rose godparents.

"Seebodner Rosentraum"

Floor lamp Seeboden

The "floor lamp Seeboden" indicates special places to stay. These are restaurants as well as special places, where you should take a moment.

"Dwell Places"

Our Logo

With this logo we mark our work. Whenever you see our logo, you know that "Garten:Kunst am See" was part of it: creating beautiful things and combining the useful with nature.

"This is Garten:Kunst"

Our adventure map

With the adventure hiking map we would like to arouse your curiosity on Seeboden and show you our most beautiful places. That's how you'll unlock some of the secrets.

"Experience Seeboden"

The next projects...

New experience space

Three huts, three peaks, many stories and a great view of the surrounding three thousand metre peaks - that is the Tschiernock, our local mountain, which is to grow into the experience area "Tschiernockalm" in the coming years.

"The Tschiernockalm"


Certificate hiking village

The description "Wanderdorf" can probably be directly connected with our project. We are happy to take up the challenge and will make Seeboden even more attractive for hikers. Seeboden, a hiking experience!

"The magic of walking"


Otto Eder

Otto Eder was born in Seeboden and enjoyed a high reputation among his fellow sculptors. In 2024 Otto Eder would celebrate his 100th birthday. A worthy conclusion for our project "Garten:Kunst am See".

"An undreamed genius."