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19 September - Strudel-festival 2020

Dear Sir or Madam, dear associations, due to the current Corona situation with the steadily increasing number of new infections, we have decided to cancel the Strudel Festival in September. As the organizer, we are responsible for the correct implementation and protection of the participants and therefore do not want to take any risks. It is a shame that we have to take this step, but everyone's health comes first. We hope that we can hold the Strudel Festival again in September 2021.We are already working intensively on the programme for the Strudelfest. The hosts of the Wirtestammtisch have come up with a special campaign, which we will present in July in the 20th year of the market survey in Seeboden. One thing is for sure! Your creativity is in demand.

Brilliant sunshine at the Strudelfest

The 8th Strudelfest on September 14th, 2019 in Seeboden was a very exuberant event. More than 30 strudel variations were served up.

The 8th Strudelfest takes place in the colourfully decorated Blumenpark in Seeboden during brilliant sunshine. The diversified program and the colorful mixture of different Strudels of the 6 Strudel suppliers were offered to the guests. But now we let the pictures speak and thank the media representatives for the benevolent reporting.


8th Strudelfest - 14th September 2019

This year it is time again and the 8th Strudelfest will take place on 14 September 2019 in the Blumenpark. Whether piquant or sweet strudel, the visitors will be well looked after by the 6 strudel standlers.

Details Strudelfest

Trailer 2019

30 strudel variations for hungry visitors

Numerous visitors from near and far visited the 7th Strudel-Festival in Seeboden to feast to their heart's content on sweet and spicy strudel variations.

The 7th Strudel-Festival on September 10th, 2016 took place at the Blumenpark in Seeboden in fantastic weather. Numerous visitors from near and far did not want to miss this culinary treat and enjoyed 30 strudel variations. This festival was organised by Hans Kapeller, Franz Trojer and Hellmuth Koch.

Various strudel were offered by the volunteer fire brigade Seeboden, Wirlsdorf - the village with heart, the village community PUKK, the fishing association Millstätter See, the association Hippokrates and several restaurants. Further highlights were the traditional costume fashion show of the House of Capricorn from Spittal and the concerts of the traditional marching bands Lieserhofen and Seeboden.

The title "Seebodner Strudel Queen" went to Melitta Stockhammer. The visitors included Governor Peter Kaiser, Seeboden Mayor Wolfgang Klinar, Father Wladyslaw Mach, Member of Parliament Ferdinand Hueter and District Fire Brigade Commander Kurt Schober.