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Whether the ice-covered lake, the natural ice  or perhaps an ice rink - the pleasure is not neglected!

skating pleasure...

Carinthia's lakes are not only suitable for swimming and as a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. In winter, when a thick layer of ice stretches over them, large and small ice-skaters make their rounds here. Ice skating in Carinthia - what an experience!

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The most beautiful ice skating lakes


The Weißensee

The number one figurehead for ice skating in Carinthia is the Weißensee, with its 6.5 km2 the largest constantly freezing and groomed natural ice surface in Europe. Legendary: The alternative Dutch 11-city tour that attracts around 5,000 Dutch people to Carinthia every year.


Feld am See - The village on the ice

The Brennsee and the Afritzer See wrap themselves in a glittering dress in winter. The thick ice cover is a clinking Eldorado for ice skating fans and dancers. The sports school Krainer also offers unusual sports such as ice surfing, ice sailing and ice tennis.


Our tip

Our Egelsee is a insider´s tip. He freezes over every year.



natural ice rinks


Bay in Seeboden

The Seeboden ice rink is located in the Seeboden bay on the tennis courts of the Seehotel Steiner. Every year, our employees from the farmyard conjure up a wonderful natural ice surface for our ice skaters.
We have a warm-up container and vending machines for hot and cold drinks


All INFOS: +43 4762 81210-10

Natural ice rink - Lurnbichl

The Lurnbichler Association with Daniel Vogl conjure up a very special ice rink every year. The Lurnbichler Association also runs a small buffet during the winter season.

All INFOS: +43 660 11 25 221


Our tip

Both ice rinks also have their own curling rinks. By the way, curling is the secret favourite among winter sports in Känrten.



artificial ice rinks


Ice Sport Arena Spittal/Drau

The ice sports arena is located in the immediate vicinity of the "Drautal Perle" and the Goldeck cable car. Ice skating is possible from mid-November to early April.

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Nockhalle Radenthein

Some claim that the "Nockhalle" is the most beautiful ice rink in Carinthia. The ice operation starts annually on 15 September and ends on 15 March.

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Carinthia's No. 1 folk sport

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