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Swim, bike & run: A triathlon is basically doable for everyone!

Date Seeboden: Sunday, 6 August 2023!

TRIWomen is a project of the Austrian Triathlon Federation (ÖTRV) - by women for women - and is led by the women's representative of the ÖTRV. Through our initiative, the proportion of female participants in triathlon competitions should be further increased or increased in the future. The team is made up of the team leaders of the individual provinces. TRIWomen is not about competition or the professional practice of the sport, but rather about the fun of movement, the joint practice of the basic sports of swimming, cycling and running, as well as overcoming personal limits. The distances are therefore deliberately chosen so that they are manageable for every woman: The TRIWomen competition includes 150 m swimming, 5 km cycling and 1 km running (deviations of up to 10% are possible).