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Knight games at Sommeregg Castle

Knights' tournaments

The knights' games at Burg Sommeregg have long since become a household name far beyond the borders of Carinthia. No wonder: even when the fearless knights meet each other, excitement and thrills are the order of the day.

In the many different exercises the riders have to prove their skill and courage.

May the better man win in the end and the audience has the tournament in their hands. With their cheering and hand clapping they can cheer on their favourites and finally help the good guys to win.


Medieval market

At Burg Sommeregg, all fans of knights - young and old alike - are guaranteed to get their money's worth. This is ensured by the daily shows as well as all the "trappings".

The focus is on the medieval market, designed with great attention to detail, where supposedly extinct handicrafts are brought back to life and are impressively presented to visitors.

For example, glass sculptures are blown and silver jewellery is made in the old traditional way.

And the best thing about it: visitors can buy these products directly on the spot and take them home as souvenirs.

For those who have become hungry and thirsty from all the impressions, the maids and knights are available with all kinds of delicacies in the knights' kitchens.

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