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The Tschiernockalm

The huts

Three peaks and three huts for the high pleasure on the Tschiernockalm


The Pichlhütte:

It is easily accessible via Tangern and forms our "landscape cinema". The absolute hit are probably the famous ribs, which the hut landlady prepares for hungry hikers at any time against advance booking. All details can be found on the website of the Pichlhütte.

The Sommereggerhütte:

The hut operated by the Erlacher family is the family paradise on the Tschiernock. Senior Erlacher has staged his own family adventure trail and so the fascinating eyes of children are guaranteed. The little petting zoo is probably the children's favourite place!

The Hansbauerhütte:

From the Hansbauerhütte it is easiest to reach the Tschiernock, a summit that is also easy to reach with children. Many stories entwine around the Hansbauerhütte, as it was the hut of winter sports enthusiasts at the time. At that time, the ski lift at Tschiernock turned Seeboden's local mountain into a ski mountain. Right next to the hut there will be another launch site for paragliders soon.

The alpine road to the hut experience

Every curve a different angle of view!

The Tschiernockalm Road takes you comfortably to the Sommereggerhütte and Hansbauerhütte.

Already at the beginning of the street you see the lovingly restored Ortner mill, which was rebuilt by the village association Treffling in laborious detail work. So sometimes you really hear the famous "The mill rattles along the rushing stream"!

By the way, the toll is paid here at a parking ticket machine. Don't forget to place the printout clearly in your vehicle.


The most beautiful routes

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