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Discover the world of Seeboden at Lake Millstätter See!

The joy of life awakens ...

If you would like to get to know Lake Millstätter See and its surroundings, you will embark on a journey through time. Explore Roman cultures, count stars on the star balcony and walk them back to the lake.
Mountain experience

Numerous mountain tours and excursion destinations with rustic alpine huts and ruby red gemstones await you. You decide the level of difficulty yourself. You could spend the night in a cabin in the mountains or be chauffeured back to the beach by a mountain-lake taxi, where you can end the day with a romantic evening ...

Lake experience

The quality of the drinking water makes Lake Millstätter See particularly attractive for anglers and families. It doesn't matter if a sip is taken from the lake. Our beach baths are especially family-friendly, besides children's pools there are small sandy beaches which make the entrance easier and also build enough play area for sand castles.

Family experience

Exciting adventures for young and old who enjoy spending time together. Perhaps you will discover the footprints of the Mirnock giant while searching for the ruby red sparkling stones or you will reward craftsmen and jugglers with them at Sommeregg Castle. You're hungry? Ever tried to catch the food yourself? In special accommodations there are specially designated rooms for anglers, with many there is the possibility to grill in the garden ...

Experience Culture

The traces of Prof. Otto Eder are as formative as they are impressive. Put in the right light, Prof. Edgar Knoop creates new perspectives for the traditional and thus creates space for the new. Traditional insights can be gained in the fishing museum as well as in the torture chamber of Sommeregg Castle. Those who would also like to embark on a spiritual journey will gain new knowledge at the Bonsai Museum in Liedweg, which offers places for silence and relaxation with its outstanding flora.