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The "Garnet Gate"

Filled with tons of garnet stones, the gate tells the story of the ruby red gemstone and gives indications of the largest garnet deposit in the Alps, which is located inside the mountain. At the "Garnet Gate" the "Path of love", the Alpe-Adria Trail and the Millstätter See Höhensteig meet.

Location: Millstätter Alpe (Lammersdorfer Alm), 2,060 HM Geo coordinates: 46.826111 N 13.636394 E

The Mirnock

High above the Millstätter See - in the mountain village of Gschriet - there are the "places of power", from which energy is emitted at a very high, clockwise frequency. The healing energy points were discovered by the German radiesthesist Josef Georg from Eppelborn. At power location 2 he found a frequency so high that it is comparable with the cosmic color indigo (= cosmic ray).

From Mirnock (2.110 m) you can enjoy a wonderful view over our lake.

The Kreuzeck Railway

The funicular near Kolbnitz takes you in 11 minutes on a romantic ride to the Rosswiese, the top station of the cable car at about 1,200 m above sea level. One of the most beautiful mountain hiking areas in the Alps awaits you here - the Kreuzeck Group - with one of the most striking panoramic mountains in the Tauern region, the Salzkofel (2,498 m).

The "Rosswiese"  is the ideal starting point for family-friendly hikes on well-kept hiking trails lined with pioneering, mystical and quaintly carved "forest spirits" to the two alpine huts Poldis Jausenstation and Klinghütte. Meaningful slogans on old trees invite you to linger at beautiful viewpoints.

The "Kaiserburg"

This mysterious mountain in the south of Bad Kleinkirchheim was given its name by the strange grey rock formations. Already in the Middle Ages witches are said to have done their mischief there. Even today there is talk of treasures hidden in the mountain. When the Turks marched through our land murdering and plundering, a count of the Gegendtal valley brought his wealth there. His spirit still watches today as a grim freeman in front of the half-decayed entrance. Every hundred years - on the day of the count's death - he leaves the entrance of the cave and has already let some people in to the riches in the cave of the mountain.