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Our Thursday tour

In the Nockberge Biosphere Park

The history of the Nockberge mountains is probably intensively connected with the mining of magnesite, which has been tried and tested for centuries. Did you know that in our region the world's best refractory bricks are produced and thousands of blast furnaces all over the world are built with them? Just a story from today's tour.

tour plan

Starting point: Erlacher Haus (1,635 m)
Summit: Predigerstuhl (2,170 m)
Endpoint: Erlacher Haus (1,635 m)
Hiking time: 5 h hours
Difficulty: Comfortable hike
Description: Directly from the Erlacher Haus a comfortable forest road leads to the Feldhütte. Now it goes along a hiking trail over the Nassbodensee and a small steep ridge into the wide soils, over which you can easily reach the summit. The descent leads via the Erlacher Bockhütte and below the "Zunderwände" back to the Feldalm and the Erlacher Haus.
Special features: Biosphere means creating living space, preserving valuable areas for people and the environment, and harmonizing economy and tradition. The philosophy of a biosphere reserve consists of numerous values in order to protect and promote the region: starting with the preservation of the landscape (habitats worthy of protection and cultural landscape), through the preservation of cultural diversity and customs to the involvement of the population in the development of the region and the coordination of activities and projects relevant to tourism, economy, education and research.
Refreshments: Erlacher Haus (1,635 m)

Tour sheet with all additional information

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