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Staff - Latschurgroup

A hike you never dreamed of. In front it is quite rugged and on its south side the mountain falls away as a green meadow. You should have seen that.

tour plan

Starting point: Parking Seetal (1,883 m)
Summit: Staff (2.122 m) and Eckwand (2.221 m)
Endpoint: Parking Seetal (1,883 m)
Hiking time: 6 to 6,5 hours
Difficulty: sport hike
Description: From the Seetal parking space, a gently sloping gravel road leads to the Gusenalm. Now the ascent begins over alpine pastures to the turnoff into the Karsattel and along the southern grass slopes over the Mitterstaff to the summit. The way back leads via Kopasnock and Eckwandattel to Eckwand (2,221 m) and then back to the Gusen and the car park in the Seetal.
Special features: The European plate tectonics makes the peaks of the Latschur group appear in a special form: on the south side they are grassy and on the north side steep and rocky. The Latschurgroup is geologically a primary rock massif, although it lies south of the Drau, which forms the border between primary rock and southern limestone Alps.
Refreshments: Gusenalm or Wieserhütte

Kleiner Salzkofel (Kreuzeck group)

High above the Mölltal valley, you can take the admittedly nostalgically romantic Kreuzeck cable car. At the top you will be rewarded with a wonderful landscape.

tour plan

Starting point: Kreuzeckbahn/Kolbnitz mountain station (1,211 m)
Summit: Kleiner Salzkofel (2,222 m)
End point: Kreuzeckbahn/Kolbnitz mountain station (1,211 m)
Hiking time: 6 to 6,5 hours
Difficulty: sport hike
Description: From the mountain station of the Kreuzeck cable car we alternately take the forest road and the hiking trail to the Mernik alm and the Mösernhütte. Here we turn left and after approx. 20 minutes we reach the junction Kleiner Salzkofel, where we turn right onto the newly created path. This leads over the distinctive ridge first through a light forest and then over open terrain to the Koppen. From here it goes westwards over the ridge in a few minutes to the summit of the Kleine Salzkofel. The descent leads back to the Koppen, along the continuing ridge to the Roßeben and down to the Mühldorfer Alm to the Klinghütte and further over the Mernikalm to the starting point Kreuzeckbahn.
Special features: The Kreuzeck group is a mountain group of the Hohe Tauern in the central eastern Alps. The highest peak is Polinik (2.784 m). In contrast to the less distant, but much better known mountain groups such as the Glockner and Venediger groups, hikers here still experience a largely original mountain world far away from heavily frequented paths and huts.
Refreshments: Klinghütte (1,504 m), Foidhütte (1,474 m)

Stileck (Nockberge)

The Stileck. A mountain like no other. It stands in the middle of the Nockberge Biosphere Park and when you climb to its summit you are overwhelmed by a breathtaking view.

tour plan

Starting point: Thomanbauer/Nöring (1,697 m)
Summit: Rabenkofel (2,059 m), Stileck (2,179 m), Langnock (2,109 m)
Endpoint: Thomanbauer/Nöring (1,697 m)
Hiking time: 5 hours
Difficulty: Easy hike
Description: From the Thomannbauerhütte the hiking trail leads slightly uphill in an easterly direction and then in flat serpentines pleasantly up to the Rabenkofel. After a short break at the summit cross, the hiking trail continues over a pronounced mountain ridge to Stileck, the highest point of the round. There is a disc on which the prominent points and peaks of the surroundings are engraved to facilitate orientation. The descent finally leads over the Langnock to the Lamprechtalm.
Characteristics: The fir-jay, whose reputations are unmistakable, lives in mountain-needle-forests up to the upper forest-limit, in particular in the area of Swiss stone pines. Its most important food are the fruits of the stone pines, that it finds here in sufficient number. The extremely charming and rustic Lamprechthütte is not only the ideal place for a snack for this tour, but also has its own alpine dairy and a cosy sun terrace. The Alm is also known for its delicious fresh trout with herb butter, potatoes and farmhouse bread.
Refreshment: Lamprechthütte (1,504 m)

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