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Our Wednesday tour

The Garnet - Gemstone of Love

The "Granattor" stands high up on the ridge of the ridge. It is reminiscent of the largest garnet deposit in Europe, located inside the Millstätter Alpe. Whoever passes through the gate enjoys the view over Lake Millstätter See and faces two worlds: the lush green alpine pastures of the Nockberge mountains and the snow-capped peaks of the nearby three thousand metre peaks.

tour plan

Starting point: Schwaiger hut (1,623 m)
Summit: Kamplnock (2,101 m), Lammersdorfer Berg (2,063 m)
Endpoint: Lammersdorfer hut(1,644 m)
Hiking time: 5 hours
Difficulty: Comfortable hike
Description: From the Schwaiger hut a comfortable hiking trail leads past the Millstätter hut up to the Kamplnock. Now it's still easy - with great views down to Lake Millstätter See - on to Obermillstätter Almkreuz and Granattor. The descent takes place via a nicely staged path to the Lammersdorfer Hütte.
Special features: The Granattor was set up at the Lammersdorfer Berg and filled with garnet stones in laborious work. It is an impressive sight to marvel at the construct of such clarity and structure amidst the uneven stone fields. Take a close look at the Granattor, because the letters in the gate tell an exciting story.
Refreshments: Millstätter hut, Lammersdorfer hut

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